Not so Typical Friday Night

This is what I wore recently. My mom got me this disney shirt which had "FASHINONISTA" written all over it!

Decided to knot up the shirt for the evening.

Then the FUN BEGAN! It was long weekend! R and I grabbed a quick bite at home after work and grabbed some iced cappaccino and on our way to RING SHOPPING! It was a sunny gorgeous day out!

So excited to go ring shopping. He hasn't proposed to me yet, YET we knows we are getting married next year, we are the most NON-TYPICAL couple you ever gonna meet.

Also went on a dinner date with my bestie and her hubby and talked about "important" things. I am Indian and eat indian food all the time yet food in a RESTURANT just smells and tastes SUPER GOOD every time. 

And here are the 3 top contenders so far - sorry the 2nd pic is so blurry. The pictures DO not justify their prettiness AT ALL. I am not after the diamond, but after the design but none of these ones really have me SOLD yet. So we go again tomorrow.

Now, come back for another post as I will be updating my ring findings and outfits that went with them for each day :)

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  1. I absolutely adore disney t-shirts. Yours is so cute :)

    I am hosting my first Link-up party - Tea Time Thursdays. Would be glad to see you there :)


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