Six Months Flashback

I often spend time reflecting on my habits, my accomplishments, mistakes and about my passions and all of it got me thinking about the evolvement of my blog and style. The reason I started this blog six months ago was to learn from others and experiment with my looks with new things learned and keep a diary of it. I recently spent some time and picked out "some popular outfits" that you and I have enjoyed. And these are not "I like" outfits, this is something I "Love Outfits" and probably will wear it again.

Six months ago, I didn't know a thing about fashion. Like I didn't even know the word "Gingham" and what it meant. I would wear dark, boring and dull colors to office with little to no experimenting with colors except on the weekends. I used to fancy girls who knew how to make their closet work. That's when NavLandStyle was born! I remember when i got 10 followers..I was like really, people enjoy what I write - thanks for your inspirations and lead e to try harder!

These are my favourite 12 most favourite office looks so far and 4 casual (sorry folks, I work in an office and so you will see more cubicle fashion here) here we go. I strictly chose some of my top Favourite looks that I am proud for creating them and WEARING them too!!

One pop of color in any piece is essential - either in accessories or top or bottoms or shoes. I try to not go overboard with too much color for office attire.

# 5,6,7,8
I wore accessories in every outfit. Belts, necklaces, scarves are also essential in creating an outfit from drag to beautiful. I always loved accessories but now only I am getting more MILEAGE out of them.

# 9,10,11,12
Creating a uniform - pattern top with solid bottom or printed bottom with a solid top. Some weeks, I wear this sort of uniform all week to the office. Just mix pattern with solid colors in the closet. It simplies things to get ready in the morning.

Here is a collage of my most favourite casual looks. I like to be comfortable on the weekends mostly in my PJ's unless I am headed out (ahem, therefore absence of casual looks). In each look, I have paired something unusual - and by unusual I mean (out of my comfort zone like pairing red pink together in the 14th outfit) --- but that zone is expanding and I quite enjoy it :) I look forward to learning much more and creating more fun looks.... so stay tuned! =]

 Thanks so much for Stopping by!!!

AND...........Time for some outtakes...

These outtakes are so funny!! Hope you will follow along so we  take this journey one step at a time and see how far we can get!! :)

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  1. sartorialsidelinesAugust 30, 2011 at 6:12 AM

    The outtakes are too funny! And there are so many good outfits here, such great professional style.

    xoxo ~ Courtney


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