Blue Squins and Mustard

Jeans: Bebe - Thrifted, Shoes: Zellers, Shirt: Hand me Downs: Cardigan - Thrifted

This was my casual friday outfit to the office. My bestie didn't want this blue sequined shirt and asked if I wanted it?  It is blue, has sequins and aweome print undeneath. Yes please!

I paired it with my thrifted mustard cardi as yellow is one of the colors in the cardi. As much as I love blue, I also love finding colors that go with it- and mustard works wonderfully. Thats why I am officially in love with this cardigan and many others and plan on having many colors of them, they are so easy with pair with patterned shirt and therefore easy to look put together when you really didn't put much effort in :)

 Wohoo...1 week till Engagement Party! :D  I know you must be asking, where is the surprise aspect?, Well well well...I dont know what ring he picked (I am kept in secret about this)..I have no idea what he has arranged bec apparently my dad told me to get to location at 620pm when doors are opening at 530pm. Sounds fishy, doesn't it? I love surprises, so I am not complaining :D

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. You look awesome in yellow, jealous!

  2. Fantastic Color combination of Blue and Mustard!! You Looks Super Awesome in this fantastic Dress!!

  3. You look lovely!  I love the pop of yellow.  Everyone needs a great yellow cardi!  Thanks for linking up!

  4. What a pretty top! Love your sweater too!

  5. I like the yellow sweater, looks really good on you. Congrats on the engagement party! hehe :)sounds exciting.

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