3 Things I want to Share

Tank, Cadrigan, Skirt - Thrifted

I am feeling particularly ambitious today. Playing a lead role to arranging most things for the engagement party - shopping, logistical planning, making unlimited phone calls, settling in a new job that I got a month ago, and moving to a new house, rennovating the old house - is all causing me to be very tired lately. But today I am gonna share with you- things I would like to get started on - as this storm calms down a little.
So today I am going to share few things that I would like to learn over the next year or so:
  1. Learning how to stitch and sew - I admire bloggers who can pick up a XXL skirt from a thrift store and make it into a S size skirt/dress or they pick up a patterned cloth at the store and then make a beautiful dress out of it. Linking to my thriftiness addiction towards clothes, I think this skill would be used pretty often.
  2. I want to learn how make my own jewellery - more often than not, I see a beautiful piece of jewellery on someone's blog and I want it. Either it is sold out in the store or  it is over $100.00. I can't afford that on a necklace so I am tempted to make my own. I plan to take a weekend class in fall 2011 and can't wait to get started.
  3. Getting around to learning to be more organized. I want to have an organized closet, organized dresser, organized office and learn how to make use of a small space. Moms are particularly good at this.

Is there anything you are striving to be better at? I would love to hear your ambitions. Share away! :)


  1. those 3 are on my list as well.. I did get started on sewing and jewellery making... I have gone to a couple of classes so far but I need to work on these more. We moved in to our house 6 months ago and I'm still unpacking.. Need to get more organized.

  2. Oh we're in the same boat!! I've been reorganizing my home and trying spruce things up for about a week now and I'm still not done! haha!!  At least I organized my linen closet, my wardrobe, and my jewellery collection.  And I've been putting my landlords to work on renovating parts of my apartment as well.  Lets cross our fingers for new kitchen cabinets...as mine are literally falling apart.

    And look so cute!! I love the pretty floral blouse!

  3. cute outfit girl :) 

  4. Very cute outfit!

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  5. I also want to achieve those 3 things.  What else- tidy my house and keep it that way, write a mass (big piece of music based on the Catholic church service), marry my lovely boyf and try to get into better routines of praying! (and not buy any more clothes-ahrgh!)


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