TIPPY TUESDAYS #12 - 1 Mustard Shirt, 5 Looks

When I bought this mustard shirt, I was so excited but I had only pictured two or three outfits. But man! the possibilities are endless, I love to wear it. When I need one of those "pick me up" days, I wear this shirt and it makes me look sharp and bright.

At first if you notice in the first collage, I only ever wore it for casual looks, but later I started venturing it into my work looks and I love it :) Well, hopefully you enjoyed this post and got some ideas on how to wear a mustard shirt

Do you find a mustard shirt/Cardigan versatile piece of clothing?


  1. I love the mustard cardigan that I own, and it is super versatile!  Another color it looks great with is purple!

  2. Fab remixing! I LOVE my mustard cardigan.

  3. I love the mustard colour! I feel like I'm able to wear it more now that my hair isn't white blonde - is that sweater from Club Monaco? 

    The Pretty Secrets


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