Morning Photography session

Hello beautiful people, I thrifted this floral shirt few weeks ago at goodwill. I really like the prints on it, I thought it would go with so many things. So today I paired it with a coral cardi and a grey skirt and a brown belt to make sure the skirt actually stays on. I have that kinda problem with not fitting bec i lost few pounds, but i shouldnt complain when i fixed the issue by belting.

Today I snapped some pictures before I left for work this morning (talk about dedication ppl!), and I was also really excited to go to work today bec I got to commute with my Fiance. He is done classes but planned to still go to UofA campus and work on his thesis like it is a full-time job. So, he decided to do the commute with me every morning and afternoon. It is a nice transition since I got to see him like twice a month when he was in school for 2 full years. before that, I was in school too so we saw each other everyday on campus. Ah those were good days!!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post. It is Mother’s day this weekend. I am keeping it simple and low-key to  take mom out (along with my family) to a restaurant called Mongolie Grill (in Edmonton) – she loves that place! Because I am getting a deal on Groupon – this is the coolest site for bargains around the city.

What are you doing for Mothers Day??

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