Tippy Tuesdays #8 - Classic Must-Haves

Hello everyone, First of all I have noticed some more people signing on the blog. Welcome on board! and thanks for following..really means alot to me! If you have any special requests or questions or to drop a line, you can always e-mail me at: sonia.garaha@gmail.com.

So, its Tuesday meaning its time for a tip. Today's tip I am talking about Classic pieces that every women/girl should have in their closet. I have watched and read countless articles about what are considered "classic Investment worth pieces". Remember these are the basic pieces, once you have these you can build on it. I have definitely been lacking in this department (I am weird, I am aware) because I have always been a fan of colors. But if you are like me, something from the down below list would help you out..So here is what I came up with:

1. Trench Coat

2. Black Blazer

3. Fitted White Blouse (with or without emblishments)

4. Basic Black Pant

5. Great quality bark-washed jeans (Boot-cut or skinny Jeans are most flattering on most body types)

6. White and black Tank Tops

7. Pencil Skirt (I have once in black, grey, red, blue-denim)

8. LBD - Little Black Dress

9. Wool Cashmere sweater

10. Warm-knitted wool cardigan/ ligt weight summer cardigan

So what are some of your classic pieces in your closet? You can mention some or all staples, I would love to read what other people consider Staples. Please do let me know in the comments below. I love to read them :) Thanks for stopping by and Have a great day!

Love, Nav

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