Thrifted Weekend Outfit and Other Nuggets

Top: Thrifted from Goodwill
Necklace: Thrifted
Floral Flats: Ardene's
Cardigan: Ricki's
Capris: Garage
Ring: Ardene

     Edmonton is the new WINDY CITY. It has been windy - 50 Km/Hr type of winds the entire week!

This pants have a sentinmental value for me. I bought them from Garage 5 years ago and they were $10! Yeah but I bought it with a friend who is my bestie now! I love you Megha and we call them "our" pants. It brings warm memories of her and I hanging out in the city (now shes moved away - lives 6 hours away) whenever I wear this pants and they are perfect Classic Cargo summer capris (they never go out of style).

I am in love with this thrifted top and my recent $1 thirfted necklace from Goodwill.

My ring from Ardene's - so beautiful :)

What else I did this weekend:

Since its been stressful at home lately - it will be until I get married I supposse  - I visited Bath and Body works on friday and i wanted to try these 2 aromatherapy scents. One is Lavendar Spearmint - Anti-Stress and the other is Orange Ginger - Energy.

I love how they smell and help me unwind :) They are def my NEW LOVE!

I bought this nude-pink bag last fall from ALDO. and Its my new staple this spring. I love the color of it, and it holds everything I need in a day - Book, lunch, water bottle, spare flats, keys and some other junk. haha

And my fav perfume! I got it as a Christmas gift from my mom-to-be last year. Christian Dior - I wear this only on special occassion but I felt like treating myself this weekend so wore it. Love the light smell of it :)

So that was my weekend summed up with pictures! Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and I am excited to start a brand new week tomo!! :)

How was your weekend??

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