A nice day calls for a walk in the park

Floral Tank : Urban
Cardigan - Ricki's
Pants - Banana Republic
Ring: ALDO
Necklace: Gift my MR. F
Pearl Studs: Forever 21

The water looked so calm - This is the place I like to come to and just relax! This is called my mini-Vancouver getaway! I love the ocean/beaches in Vancouver and just how much you can surround yourself in nature. But this I get without a plane ticket and other costs!

It was beautiful in Edmonton today +22 degrees! and Mr. F and I were due for a walk in the park and so we did and Mr. F suggested to take pics at the park and how could I say no?

I want to thank each and one of you who wrote me sweet commments on Happy Mothers Day post - I loose heart and vision sometimes on how my prespective should be. And I am so glad the blogging commpunity is so supportive. Even though we dont know each other, yet just with your kind words, I felt better, and for that I am so greatful. All of the comments def helped me bounce out of so-called "bad mood". So Thank you!!!

Someone at work also called - Hey Nav, you look like a tree, you got brown pants on like a tree trunk and flowers and green cardigan as leaves. I think it was a compliment?

Oh and I posted on EBEW - Floral edition today! I love how much response it gets!

Did you like my so-called Tree outfit? I am so environment-friendly haha :)

xo Nav

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