My Weekend in Pictures!

On Sunday, my family and my uncles family got to attend the yealy sikh parade in Millwoods Edmonton. It was so much fun :) I love spending time with family.

Me and My Brother - big posers we are! haha

Look at the CRAZY crowd!

My Cute Niece - all dolled up in her Indian dress :)

Mom, Bro and moi minus Dad bec he was the photographer
In Canada, we had long weekend! So Ryan and I decided to take full advantage of an extra day off and got together early to send out as many resumes as possible because we are tryin to get him a job since he is done his masters now.

Since it was kindy of rainyout and making me feel cold inside, we decided it was time to sip on some warm tea

The person who makes the tea gets the BIG cup - haha

Now the post wont be complete w/o some outfit posts - now would it? Look at the vintage chair - its REALLY old but looks so NICE :) and I love ALL vintage stuff :)

Seriously guys, this is my go-to outfit on the days I have no energy to dress. Jeans with a full-sleeve shirt, hair bun, no makeup, and a random scarf around the neck. I wasnt sure whether I should blog about this outfit, But I did it anyway! What do you think I pass the weekend outfit lazy-outfit test??

Ah! What beautiful flowers!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

What is your go-to-outfit for those lazy days? Let us know down below :)

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