Picture-taking Tale

Hello lovelies! and A BIG WELCOME to all the new followers! I am so happy that I could bake right now. and just so you know I hate baking. So thats how much I love you all following on my journey. Do I make any sense?

Top: Suzy Sheir
Pants: GAP
Golden kitten heels: Payless
Millitary inspired cropped jacket: Urban Behavior
Personality: Mine
Ring: Ardene's, Earrings: Forever 21

Totally took pictures in the parking lot today and got Looks. it was awkward. everytime someone would go by, we would pretend like we are not taking pictures. Well, a lady came by to say to me, "you are lucky that he's taking your pictures. My husband hates cameras and wont even take pictures!"

I wanted to tell her that well sometimes, when he is not available, I take my own pictures with you know set the camera and run and hopefully 1 or 2 pics would come out nice. You should try that :) But I didn't. It might have made things more awkward.
 I told Ryan to not listen to her in case he was getting any ideas on what's normal (A.K.A. not take any more outfit pictures for Nav)

Here is a good-bye squinty-smile - bec the sun is in my face. But I am not complaining, I like sunshine :)

Peace guys! Hope you are having a great day. Thanks for stopping by!

xo Nav

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