Shirt: F21, Cardigan: Thrifted, Pants: GAP. Tank: F21, Earrings: Gift

Ambushing you all posting on a saturday - which I almost never do, I take weekends off from bloggy world. 

This grey wool-blend cardigan (I thrifted!, SCORE) is soooo warm - you can pretty much layer any summer blouse underneath and you will be warm guranteed! How lovely are pieces like this that make our lives easy? Few years back, I would layer on 3 chunky pieces - by the time coat goes on (if it goes on), I would feel so stuffy all day. But no more, I found out the secret, invest in light-weight warm layering pieces (cashmere and wool-blend sounds nice,eh?) and one is good to go.

Saturday lesson over, Enjoy your weekend folks!

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