Bright Mondays!

Today at work we did a quiz on work styles. People were organizers, nurtures, researchers. I am an energizer. Ryan said it doesn't surprise him! this kid knows me well! I feel so high on energy without even any coffee on mornings. We organize events, parties without any troubles, can be life of the party, bring people together towards a common goal, task-oriented etc. etc. (no wonder I have itching to start a linky party here...soon my friends soon..)

I am in love with this tan blazer and the boots, are you sick of them yet? 
Ryan and I met in unversity and we used to study together not in library or at home, but rather in classrooms. We would use the whiteboard to write notes etc, solve problems, play hangman (when taking study breaks).....classrooms are an integral part of our study years....

Oh so much fun being in the classroom again - this time to use it as free advertising for the blog! (R's idea)

I love him!

Post-work Dinner date

work to dinner date outfit

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  1. Aww, how sweet. I met and fell in love with my hubby in college too. We would have picnics in the park or just go to the dinning commons together for "dates"....we were poor college students

  2. I adore yoir balzer too! It such a basic, neutral color and perfect for fall! x

  3. *your . I'm such a bad typist!

  4. I love this bright pop of orangy coral on you! It looks amazing.

    I also love the boots and the necklace :)

    xo Teresa

  5. That's a really nice role to be- an energiser!

  6. This is so cute! Love that blazer on you...I need some more neutral ones!

  7. Both your blazer and boots look great, and they are wonderful neutrals - I would wear them all the time! Thanks so much for linking up with Visible Monday, Nav : >

  8. I think your blazer and boots look so chic. The orange blouse brings out a pop of color.


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