Bright Mondays - Part 2!

I know I am talking about dressing up on a monday. ARE.U.CRAZY? This is the last thing on my mind!  Most people are craving more sleep, more coffee on monday morning. Me on the other don't drink coffee and cant wait to get to work on Mondays. I get to work in nice clothes and meet nice people and make nice things happen in order to have a nice city and have a nice time living in it. Doesn't it sound nice?

So where was I? Oh yeah dressing up bright on mondays. Its like sleeping in and coffee for me - bec colors eneergize me. Maybe some of you will actually enjoy this post if you are like me - dress up full on - on Mondays.

White Shirt: Hand me Downs, Jeans: Thrifted, Sweater: F21

Last week was Rodeo week here in our city, so our work let us wear jeans all week!! This is what I wore on last Monday. I am a little behind my posts yet I don't have any more pictures to post. That sounds very confusing. I bet most people aren't even gonna read this. Who reads my writing here?

Hope you are having an amazing MOnday, thanks for coming by!


  1. I love dressing up on Mondays too! Why else would I feel motivated enough to go anywhere after the weekend :P

    you look great :)

  2. I love the color of this sweater! It flatters your gorgeous skin tone so well :)

  3. I definitely like to dress up on Mondays. Start the week off right! Love the color of the sweater!

  4. Such a cute outfit to start the week of right! Love the sweater!

    xo Ashley


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