Polka dots and Plaid

Pants: GAP, Blazer and Scarf: H&M, Shirt: Old Navy

Last time I did pattern mixing was back in Summer time (it was part of EBEW pattern mixing) and I didn't do so well, or atleast I didn't think. But this outfit above, It turned out decent eh?  I mean plaid and polka dots are the hardest thing to pair, I am kidding. not that hard. I mean you just have to wear the jacket and wrap the scarf around your neck - see it is not too hard.

Mr. F. got a job (wohoo!) closer to where I work. So we take the LRT together in the morning and afternoon (double-wohoo!!) P.S. No more seft-taking outfit photos (triple wohoo!) I am getting tripod for Christmas, for those self-taking portrait days.


  1. Love that adorable scarf and blazer :)

  2. The lapels on that blazer are so cute!

  3. I really like this oufit on you-the orange polka dotted scarf is so cute and I love the patterned blazer! That's nice that you get to commute to work together (and take photos-bonus!)


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