Bright Mondays (Part: III) - PONCHO

Someone asked me the other day -why don't you wear makeup. If you did, your photos would come out really good. which means that right now, my photos come out (somewhere btwn ok and not so good!).

Dear reader, thank you for your suggestion. I do not wear makeup bec a) I am so-not a morning person, I don't time in the morning to put on makeup. Its either breakfast or makeup. I choose breakfast.

b) I don't own fancy makeup like that one thing that you put on your face which transforms your look. You know those multi-tasking creams which are sunscreen, foundation, concealer, anti-againg cream - all-in-one. I don't own those. They are expensive and I just don't value speding money on it, atleast not yet.

c) My Hubby-to-be like me to be natural.

d) Makeup causes my skin to breakout. So I just let my skin breathe. I have had enough skin problems in the past due to it.

d) When I go out - I do wear makeup. but only once in a while.

So ladies, is it necessary in your opinion to wear makeup in order to blog for outfits? (I hope not or I seriously missed the menu)


  1. 1st of all u look lovely !! I have a similar poncho too !! : )
    And yes I agree with you- make-up is not a necessity to look good. No offence to people who love make up, even I own a loadss of cosmetics. But I rarely find time to use them so I end up throwing them after they expire !! Its all about being comforable in your own skin !! : )

  2. I love ponchos, shawls, capes! Your poncho is adorable.

    And I have had my days being addicted to makeup... and I have had even more days breaking out from it. As much as I love the way makeup can change up a person's look... I find it really refreshing to visit blogs (like yours) with a blogger that looks and feels beautiful being natural. Definitely not necessary.

  3. NEVER! I wear makeup only to go out, or when I need a pick-me-up. Over 90% of my blog photos are my natural face. And for many of the reasons you cited! It makes me break out, I hate putting it on in the morning if I don't have to, I hate taking eye makeup off at night, and the list goes on..

    Keep doing what you're doing :) You're not the only one!

  4. I really like that poncho...I think so many look overwhelming, and this one totally doesn't...and though I am a hardcore makeup addict, you need to do what makes you happy and comfortable...I think you look great! People need to stop judging one another

  5. This is a very cute outfit. Purple and grey is one of my favorite colors to mix. You look wonderful without makeup, and you don't need it.

  6. You are very pretty without makeup. If this is how you spend your normal life, make up free, than that's how you should present yourself on your blog :) Love the poncho too!

  7. Ohh I miss you!!! I have been so behind! You look beautiful in these pictures!!! and that poncho is awesome!!!!


  8. I personally usually always wear makeup, but it doesn't mean you have to! You look beautiful without it. Plus, it's YOUR blog, so be YOU. If being you means not wearing makeup regularly then you don't have to change that just for a blog. :)



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