Oooooh baby, its cold outside!

Oh man, the weather was COLD today!.....Brrrrrrrr! Time to bust out some sweaters and tights and boots...

I guess this weekend I will put away some summer clothes and bring out the next set of closet out - oh how I get so happy when I put away my summer clothes and take out the winter chunky knits, scarves, bulky coats out and I get the feeling of "just went shopping for new clothes".  I guess thats one positive thing about a small closet - I only keep one season clothes at one-time. Gosh, there is always positive in every situation - only if we look for it.

You know this BIG thing called Facebook, yeah I made an account for my blog on there, make sure to check it out and if you like me and this blog, click LIKE here! 

Happy Weekend! =)


  1. Yeah, I love rediscovering last season's clothes too! My mom used to put them in a huge suitcase so it used to be great fun to take them out!

  2. In response to your comment- Yes! You need a pinterest account but beware it is SO addicting and it will eat up a chunck of your time!

  3. Hey gorgeous.. love the coral color on you!! happy weekend to you also.. hope its a really good one!!! xoxo J

  4. It's always fun discovering clothes you thought you'd forgotten about!!! I like that pink top! (By the way, I can't remember if I mentioned or not, but I am having a little hat giveaway at the moment if you are interested!)


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