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How do you store your belts? Do you put them in a drawer and never look at them or use them because they are so tangled and bent?


 Where do you store your bracelets? Would you like to learn how to store them or hang them where you can see them and coordinate with your outfits?
If you need answers to all the above questions......you have come to the right place. Let me give you a little background story!

I was pretty frustrated myself at the thought of organizing my belts and bracelets - 2 things i need on day to day basis and i always found them tangled. but no more of that because I found a way to organize that and I hope this will help you 2!

So I am going to share with you an effortless and cheap way to store your belts and your precious bracelets! (with pictures) 

All you need is:
  • 1 wired hanger (open the top of it where it kinds closes - you need to rewire the top - refer to pic below:

  • 1 solid hanger which can hold some weight - could be wooden or sturdy plastic ones
  • All your belts
  • All your bracelets
  • Shower Curtain Hooks - 3 or 4
Let me show you first the bracelet organization first:

and this is how I store my bracelets in my little jewellery section - they stay in one place, untangled, and I can see all of them at once when getting ready in the morning.

Now onto the belts!

Get yourself this kind of show curtain hooks (with a little opening) - I got mine - a pack of 5-6 for $1 from Dollar Store

 Now take your belts buckles and insert them through that opening showed above - I put in about 4 belts per hook.

Then grab your hanger and insert the hook through the hanger now like in the picture 
Repeat this until all your belts are hooked onto the hanger. Mine hangs like this at the front of my closet. I dont have to bend them anymore (bending them in the past ans shoved into the drawer damaged many of my belts).

So was this easy to learn? I hope the instructions made sense. It was so easy and using stuff lying around the house with minimal purchases, made me feel good about this one =]

I hope I saved you some minutes getting ready in the morning. How do you store your belts and bracelets, earrings, scarves? Please do share! Sharing is caring!

Till next time,


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