Lazy SIXTH outift (30X30)

Black Tank top: Forever 21
Red top: Forever 21
Accessories: Gifted
Grey Cardigan: Suzy Shier
Jeans: Smart Set
Scarf: Thrifted

            Posing is so not my game! But I am trying hard, can you tell??

It is one of those lazy days. I had a pretty busy week so its good to relax once in a while! I only did one thing today. Woke up at noon.( I love sleeping in!!!!!!!!!! but now my weekday schedule is totally screwed - but no pain, no gain right???? right.) Then had breakfast made by my lovely mama, then I took shower, blogged and then went grocery shopping. Originally I was planning to just wear sweats to wal-mart. But I love you guys too much, so decided to actually try hard and dress up decent. It was super comfy regardless, so it was a win-win =]

I think I like the outfit better with the scarf! I usually tie this scarf around my purse, but today I ditched the purse and took the scarf! Ha! and wore some simple accessories gifted by wonderful man.

One lesson I am learning through this challenge is : Powerfulness of accessories a in bringing an outfit together!

How is your weekend going? Great, I hope :)

 Are you being productive? or lazy like me?

I am going to visit god house in the morning (thats what I called Temple as a kid - the GOD house!  and will check in with the next outfit! Take care everyone!

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