•All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt! - Lucy Van Pelt

Thrift Outfit - $16

We had Chocolate Fondue with fruit (yumm!!). Dianne is busy melting chocolate above

Easter themed muffins, Donuts, Homemade cinnamon buns, Angel food cake

Floral Printed shirt and George Nude wedges

Yes, that is right, I will be having lots of chocolate this weeekend!! :) Happy EaStEr!

In case you missed last episode of Tippy tuesdays (you can find it here). I talked about budgeting tool to keep track of our everyday finances. For those of you who read it, did you like the idea? i need feedback!

We had Easter themed party at work and OMG! I skipped lunch bec I got myself filled with such wonderful goodies instead.

I am loving the long weekend - FRI-SAT-sUN-moN OFF!!!!!!!! yeehaw! =)

I might be going thrift shopping soon..I am on a hunt for a maxi dress, maxi skirt and maybe a pleated skirt.

Ryan (my fiancee and I) are also thinking of going ring shopping this weekend or maybe next weekend. For those who dont know, we are getting married in Feb 2012 in India. After much thought, I have decided to go not with a diamond ring but with Sapphire (as it is my birth stone and Sept has been lucky for me as Ryan and I started dating in Sept) Does that make me weird that I don't want Diamond. I want my wedding ring to have some personal value to it (whether it would be diamond or sapphire) and plus Sapphire is Gorgeous.

So this is my first thirfty outfit, Let me explain. The floral shirt is 3.99$ and pants $7.00 and grey shirt is $5.00 so total outfit cost is $16. Not bad eh? Oh but nude wedges are by George from Wal-mart - $20 (I love them!) and they are comfy too.

What did you think of my first thrift outfit?

Hope you will have a relaxing fun-filled weekend with family or friends - however you choose to spend it! xoxo


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