FOURTEEN flights of stairs (30X30)

What I am wearing: Pants: GAP
Belt: from India
Shirt: Smart Set
Watch: AVON
Ring: Ardene's

Hello! Happy Monday. I left my house so frantically this morning as I was running late and then as soon as I get to work, elevators were taking forever to come so I took 14 flight of stairs and OMG. It hurts bad now, I was sore all day. But its a good sore! We know how it feels when we work hard - very hard at the gym and then you are sore for 10 days?! If I just take stairs again tomorrow, maybe I will feel better...but then again...maybe not.

Today's nuggets:
  • I have been thinking about what my tippy tuesdays should be about? what you guys might be interested in? I could do some finances talk, mortgage 101, budgeting, organization tips, eating tips, receipes, wardrobe classics, makeup collection, skincare routine, wardrobe staples etc. (few things that I do know). If you are reading this - PLEASE let me know below which type of tip would give you great benefit - so I can focus on what you actually like? - Thank you in advance!! xo
  • Bought a new shoe rack - got all my shoes neatly lined up
  • I have a big list of things I could use for my next 30X30 round. The one I am doing right now is just for fun.
  • I tried greek yogurt, oatmeal, strawberries, banana, blueberries for breakfast today. YUMMY in my TUMMY. Seriously, and the easiest thing to make. Do you know what I am gonna have for breakfast tomorrow? .............................................Did you say SAME tHING? yES, you win 1 point.
  • Went out for dinner with my friend Joyce at Applebees. I hadnt seen her in 9 months - long enough to have a baby. It is great catching up with friends! Good for the heart.
Did you like today;s outfit? How else would you wear plaid? I am out of ideas. Do let me know about your thoughts on the next Tippy Tuesdays episode. But you can catch one tomorrow!

Tka care all, good night! xo


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