Got EIGHT minutes? (30X30)

Can you tell my pants are loose on me? They are 2 sizes big! I used to be a size 8 and now am 3-4. Yay for loosing 2 sizes!

What: Pants: GAP
Shirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Urban
Ring: Ardene's
Socks: Wal-mart
Belt: Unknown (its too old to rem)
Watch: AVON

Hello, how was your Tuesday?

It took me 8 minutes to do this post today. that fast. I am a pro! You might ask how? Thats when I will say by mistake. (insert laughter here)

Actually the real joke goes like this: hey what is 1+1. The other person answers 2. Then you say NO. it equals 6, they ask how? and you say: BY MISTAKE, thats how!

hahahahhahahahahahahah :D (Please let me know if this made you laugh.

This is my eightth outfit. Weather is getting warmer so I might rock the skirt tomorrow (can you tell I am pants lover - be safe than sorry - be warm and scared of snow and winter kind of gal?) I am not very brave when it comes to wearing -20 degrees and snow on the ground and try to rock skirts in that weather. but spring has sprung so we will see about wearing a skirt or not tomorrow!

I had Zumba this evening. I had missed it so much for 3 weeks! Well this is it folks!

I will check back with you tomorrow with #9 outfit! take care all! Keep smiling! Good night with shweet dreams! xo


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