Blue shirt and Floral flats

 Can you see snow almost gone in the background? (Yay!) it means outside pictures and weather is beautiful here in Edmonton, Alberta. So I ventured out with my camera while my dad wondered why I had gone to the backyard with the camera. I am sure he saw me posing. haha

I had my LASIK consulting session with my Optometrist today and he told me I am a candidate for the surgery. The only thing is cost $1500/eye. I am not sure if I need it so bad, maybe when I start getting benefits from my company, I will consider it. I kind of want to get it done before the wedding next year so I dont have to fuss with contacts all day long and have blood-shot, dry eyes all day and I dont want to wear my glasses either. I dont know what to do. Anywhoo, when I was done with my appointment (It was in the londonderry mall) - it was too hard to just leave the mall without checking out some stores.

I had seen Jenna (fellow Edmonton bloggie!) below or you can check her blog here where she did a post wearing these flats and I had liked them alot. But bec my feet are huge and I am size 10 and I looked and looked and couldnt find my size anywhere.  Well today I walk in the store and I saw size 10! I bought 2 different pairs for $20. How can you not get them for $10? I love Ardene's!

                                 Photo image from Smitten blog (linked above)

Shirt Tunic: H&M
Belt: Forever 21
Tights: GAP
Earrings: Forever 21
Necklace - Forever 21

I am in love with these floral "bow" pins. They are from Ardene's as well.

Love this chunky necklace - Forever 21

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! My Fiancee is done grad school tomo (done.finished.) so I look forward to hang out with him much more now. I feel like I havent seen him in a while (Well with the exception of seeing him on UofA campus for 15 minutes after work) because grad school is hard and requires unlimited hours away from girlfriend and more time with books. But that will change real soon. and then he has to do this long-term research project and write 50 page long paper called THESIS. I dont know how that kid puts unlimited hours towards school. But atleast he is done with classes. =]

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment on your thoughts and feedbcak. I love reading them! xo


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