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Hello. How are we all doing? I am fan-tas-tickle. How was your day today? Hope it was a good one! Had a decent work day (although all afternoon I was wishing to go outside bec it was BEAUTIFUL out.) We had a harsh Albertan winter this time around so sunny days are called "Party days" around here.

Something happened at work which made me feel like shi* today because someone was really rude. I tried to not let it bother me but nothing was helping....you know how it goes - then you have a mental snowball in your mind and your feelings are hurt.... Then a girlfriend calls. I didnt even had to say what was wrong, she guessed it from my voice. She made me feel better in a matter of minutes. I am just feeling so greatful for having such beautiful friends in my life. Thats the aweome-mest thing about setbacks,  thats when I want someone to pull me out of "bad" mood. I am lucky to have many nice friends. Thanks Neeru! I love you!

Do your girlfriends make your gloomy days brighter?

Wanna hear another good story? I know you do.

When I was walking home today from work, picture this: there is an older sister (12 years) and a younger brother (9 years old). The brother is scared because his big sis is teaching him how to bike.

Brother: I am scared. You think I can learn this?
Sister: Goes over some technical details, this is the pedal and the brakes and this and that..etc.
Brother: No, I dont think I want to do this anymore. I change my mind.
Sis: Jimmy, Its hard at first!! but trust me it will come to you
Bro: Will you hold on to the bike while i pedal?
Sis: Yes I will
Bro: Promise?
Sis: Yes, you can count on me!
Bro: Has some reservations before going...is scared again.
Sis: I know you can do it..I know you can...I believe in you! Just pedal and go with confidence.

And off the brother goes with the bicycle........Hurray! I felt happy for them...Cute story right?

It brought memories for me too..when I learned to ride bike first time and how many I fell and scraped my knees over and over again and came home crying and mom fed me ice cream and put band-aid on my boo boo. Oh moms are the best! 

Whoa, long post! Hope you enjoyed reading it!

Take care!  I will check back tomorrow!
xoxo Nav

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