What's in My Purse!!

I always love to watch video's or read posts of people who talk about what's in their purse and i always get so many ideas and try to incoporate them into my everyday bag. I am one of those girls who like to carry the whole kitchen in the bag - sp my bags tend to be on the Bigger side.

So I thought i would share my kitchen goodies with you all!!

There are 21 utensils in my purse (kitchen):

1 ROOTS Wallet
2 Sunglasses
3 KeyChain
4 Mini-Tripod (for those self blog outfit photos)
5 Camera
6 Body Mist - Lavendar and Cocunut
7  Four Pens (because one is not enough)
8 Bus Tickets
9 Kleenex
10 Gum (from work - ah the perks of working here)
11 Female Stuff (for that time of the month)
12 Work ID
13 Lip Stuff - Lip balm, another lip balm, lipgloss
14 Hair Elastic (if I ever wanna put my hair up)
15 Hand Cream (Butter)
16 Book (Don't sweat the small stuff)
17 SUBWAY Gift card (Eat Fresh!)
18 Pocket Mirror
19 MP3 - music source
20 - Phone (didnt take a picture of it)
21 - Water Bottle (No Picture)

Do you carry this many items too? Is there anything you carry around that I don't?

Thanks for visiting, following and commenting! Have a great day! :)

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