Nice and Girly

Dress: Wal-Mart  |  Belt: Thrifted  |  Bangles, Earrings: F21 

Fiancee called this look a" nice and girly look"- mind you pictures were taken after work so I look a little tired and groggy. In the morning, i looked more put together and had lip gloss on. End of story.

I wore this dress last time with a safe option - a brown belt. Well, today I wanted to spice things up a bit. And by spice, I think cinnamon and cinnamon is red - so red belt it was that was gonna sinch my waist. You like army with red? Its diffferent, isn't it? But hey, yesterday I paired pink with army colored skirt, it went and you guys liked it. So I am sure red will just fly.

Did red fly with army green here?


  1. This is pretty!  Love the belt with the dress!

  2. Love this! The dress' print is so striking and I love the pop of red.


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