Is it only me who can't get enough of stripes?!

I have striped shirts in every color seems like (well I dont have it in green, purple etc.).. but I think I buy so many sub-conciously and all of a sudden, I have 8 striped shirt floating around. My mind asks the following question before buying any shirts: a) Is it a good color? b)Would it make a good professional and casual clothing choice? c) Is it a color/pattern you don't have or is unique? d) Can you layer it to make it transistion from season to season? Once that list is taken care of, I think no further!

What kind of criteria do you use when making a shirt-buying decision?

PS I am so proud of myself for not shopping the last month AT. ALL - not on clothing, shoes, accessories - nada! (not even Value Village/Savers 50% off sale) - Applause please! I know I am so proud of myself!


  1. I LOVE stripes! They are my new staple this season. I gravitate to them every time I step into a store. And congrats on NOT shopping! I've tried and it's so tough. So, so tough.

  2. I am knee deep in a closet full of stripes as well. It's always like, "WHERE did all these come from??" I SHOULD have more method to my buying madness but...I don't. I just buy whatever tickles my fancy and fits my budget.

    I love the pink!!

    Freckles in April

  3. I adore stripes, so I am not the person to ask about when too many is too many. (: Congratulations on not shopping!

  4. I don't think stripes ever get old, they will always be in style, always! 

  5. striped shirts always look wonder you have so many!  and the cuffed jeans here are looking so perfectly summery!

    dash dot dotty

  6. I adore stripes and your top is fab!!!!!

  7. Love these stripes!  And the shoes!

    Ask the Duplex

  8. I NEED more stripes! I just barely got two striped shirts, but the stripes are so small! I want big, awesome ones like you have.


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