Be happy in the moment - that's enough.Each moment is all we need - not more. - Mother Teresa

Red Scarf inspired me to get out of bed on Monday morning.
Guest Post - my lovely co-worker - Wednesday!

Date Night - Thursday

Dinner that we always share - it just tastes better that way (it's our little tradition)

Friday's casual oufit

Friday evening, I organized a little surprise birthday party for my Fiancee Ryan as he turned 25 and his sister Megan turned 23 years old. Ryan had no STINKIN' idea that he is coming over for a party with over 15 people. Well he was surprised! It was great fun....we had constant chatter around the house and eating, drinking, just having fun. The bollywood dance party went on for hours like usual!! Ryan and Megan had a great time too, I could tell as they looked so happy... =) They both have birthdays on the EXACT same day but 2 YEARS apart, weird right? Yes. Well who cares, we had 2 cakes to eat in 1 night! Total carb and Sugar Load.!

Well, these are my last week's nuggets. How was your week? Hope your weekend is going great! Mine is great so far! Its Sunday tomo - fingers and toes crossed, I am going thrift shopping tomorrow and don't forget to tune in for a Tuesday tip!

Well I hope you enjoyed the post, if you did, please leave a comment!
I am off to sleep now with sweet dreams!
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  1. Looks like you had a great week! Love the party, sounds fun!

  2. hey Natalia. Thanks. I enjoyed reading your special post on Babes and Sages blog. Would you like to accompany me for 30X30 now? I am tempted to remix. haha

  3. Love the red scarf! And that party sounds like it was fun, you are very sweet! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Funny how you found it :)
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    <3 Kastles


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