Love at FIRST sight (30X30)

Hello peeps. How was your Monday? I have to say my monday went awesome - partly bec of the outfit remix challenge and partly bec of the weather. Seems like those are the only 2 things I talk about - weather and clothes.

Enjoy the first outfit of the REMIX!

                        Yay for Location Change! (Ignore the cleaning equipment in the background)

My attempt to take a pic of my outfit in the elevator - TOTAL fail bec its so dark!

   HAIR picture deserves to be here - bec I never wear my hair like this. its either straight, curly or in a BUN.

Daily Nuggets:
  • Actually got out of bed without hitting snooze today - must be an effect of 30X30 Remix.
  • Weather was beautiful out, made for a nice walk home
  • Had a productive day at work, which is rare for MOndays.
  • Asked a co-worker to take pictures, we were having so much fun during the photoshoot.  She laughed and screamed so hard at one point, the security guy came running wondering if we were in trouble. EMBARASSING!
  • Is it weird that I came from work and straight to my computer to do this blog post? Actually, dont answer that.
Let me know in comments below what you think of this post.
Now I am off to great evening! Talk to you tomo! Hey, its Tippy Tuesday tomo! Please check it out!

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  1. Your outfit looks great! The blue top really suits you, and love the scarf. The photos are great..... great post!!

  2. Yay! for my first comment. haha

    yeah blue and black are safe bets for me. thanks for stopping by and commenting - it made my day :)


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