Decided! My picks for 30X30 remix

 Here are my picks from 30X30. My strategy was to pick peices that would work for more than one outfit. I am a wee bit nervous. just a wee bit. But I also feel excited and inspired!

 1 long sleeve black shirt, 1teal shirt, 1blue sweater, 1pink cardigan, 1grey cardigan, 1 skinny jeans

  3 button up shirts: blue plaid, red plaid and crisp white shirt

My little black dress, which I hope to also put to use as a skirt!

            THREE pairs of PRACTICAL shoes - we still have snow on the ground. SIGH.

 I am working girl (9-5 office job, thats why 4 dress pants)

                   Military Style casual jacket - 1

                                                                           4 tunics
        1 printed top, 1 jean skirt for casual days,1 blue v-neck, 1white basic top, 1 red top and 1 chunky sweater for those COLD days.

                                                  1 leather vest, 1 black blazer

So that is it folks for my 29 picks, yeah not 30. I hope its not a problem. Maybe I will add anotherpair of shoes later on? - is that allowed?

Did I say I am excited to do this? Ofcourse I am. Wish me luck and I will try to blog everyday.

Right now, blogging everyday seems more of a challenge than putting outfits together for the next 30 days. Hope we will enjoy this ride. So no more shopping for next 30 days. I will shop my closet, I THINK I can do it! I work next to a mall....but the cold weather helps me to stay in rather than stroll into the mall.


  1. Good luck!! Can't wait to see what you put together!

  2. Thanks hun. I cant wait to see how creative I can get. Come do it with me, we can steal ideas off of each othre :) haha

  3. Thanks Natasha for the cheerful comment!


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