'its the Season!

Sweater: Thrifted, Pants: GAP, Jewellery: URBAN

It is that time of the year where if you work at an office and you get invited for christmas dinners and lunches scheduled individually at every floor, its pretty normal. Wouldnt you agree office ladies? Lets just say I am trying to be a good employee and showing up at every party. It has many advantages afterall...bec well they all will have good food, happy conversations, christmas music in the background, and heck if nothing else I will get to dress up!! :)

Next week I am hosting a Samosa and Chai Party at work (I am east-Indian and love all the food goodness associated with it) and we love our samosas! Do you love them too? and it is my boss birthday that day so, I get extra 5 points for that. =)

This weekend is also something special - my bachelorette party and I finally found the perfect dress for it! It involves some sequins....they are EVERYWHERE this season, so why should I miss out? It will make a good EBEW too!

Are you loving sequins this holiday season?


  1. Gorgeous jewellery! Nicely vintage inspired. ^^

    Thanks so much for your comment

    Have a lovely day,
    xx indie by heart

  2. Oh, I'm always loving sequins :) My NYE outfit should have some I'm sure!! Love that blue top!


  3. Samosas and tea is the best ever combination
    and have a great bachelorette party :)

  4. I DO love samosas...and your necklace...so pretty!


  5. Ok, I feel dumb...what is a samosa? My boss works with an Indian couple who give her tea masala and taught her to make authentic chai tea. It is so much better than the chai tea at Starbucks! I beg her to make it lol. I love this blue on you and that ring is so pretty! - Dreama

  6. I am so glad I found your blog! I love thrifting as well!!! :) Nice thrifted sweater you have, and have fun at all the office parties!
    Good luck!


  7. Such a nic post, I enjoyed it a lot! I like your sense of style! Wonderful photos!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  8. I love that sweater! It's so pretty! I wish it wasn't thrifted so that I knew where to get it! This is a great outfit!


  9. I love sequins in every day of year :D



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