“For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of gratitude.” - Unknown (Cognac)

I know I havent popped in here in a while (by that I mean 2 days!) but here is my Cognac post (part of the neutrals challenge).

Dear readers, you guys are so wonderful. Thank you for your well wishes on my last post and please know it is ALL because of your well wishes, that - I am 90% better! :) I am not gonna lie, I havent nad much energy to take any outfit photos. I wore the above in fall 2011 in October I think but I never got around to posting until now...

On a totally random note, I want to share something. I love Christmas season. Do you? Before I met Ryan  (and bec my family doesnt celebrate xmas, it was the most boring-est day of my life. Bec malls, theatres, resturants...everything was closed that day....no way to entertain yourself). But now, I love it, I love to see his family, cusions, grandparents and just have fun, exchange presents, yummy food.....and the list goes on. I am greatful for all of this goodness.

Are you enjoying Christmas Season this year?


  1. Great to read that you are feeling better.. loved d color of ur coaT : )

  2. Hope you get completely better soon :) I like your combo of red and purple!

  3. I like the red and purple combo. Feel better soon!

  4. I'm glad you're feeling (mostly) better. I have to apologize for being absent so much. Somehow over a month of my life disappeared in the scramble to get through coursework. I feel so rude! Haha.

    I don't get much into the holiday season, to be honest, but I love seeing people in my life who are totally uplifted by it.

  5. I hope you feel 100% better soon! I love the colour of your coat and your striped top. xo


  6. Are yo back to 100% yet???? I hope so! Bright coats are my favorite. Your purple one is great.

    And I LOVE Christmas. Such a happy time of year with family and friends.


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